Loutraki is located at a distance of only 80 km from Athens.
It is a seaside place with 3.5 km of coastline starting from the famous Corinth Canal. Loutraki it is famous for its thermal springs and its luxurious casino on the sea. You can also live unprecedented experiences such as bungee jumping from the famous Corinth canal, one of the most famous attractions in Greece.


On Mount Gerania just above Loutraki is the monastery of Saint Patapios, built in the 11th century. It is accessible by car and offers impressive views towards the Northern Peloponnese, the Isthmus of Corinth and the Saronic Sea. In the area of ​​the thermal springs there is the church of Agios Andreas built in 1345 by Ioannis Katakouzinos.


It is worth visiting the ancient Greek Temple of Apollo in Ancient Corinth. The temple was built in 530 BC. about.
Nearby is the archaeological museum of Ancient Corinth, which is adorned with important finds and works of antiquity.


Important ancient city is Sikiona which dates back to the 6th century BC, while the most important place to visit is Acrocorinth, a steep rock 575 meters high that dominates the plain of Corinth. It was essentially a castle and the fortifications along the mountain cause sensation and awe to every visitor.


At a distance of 50 kilometers are the famous Mycenae.
An ancient jewel city, a world cultural heritage dating back to 1600 BC.
During your visit you will pass the famous Lion Gate, enter the huge vaulted tombs of the kings and tour the amazing museum with its priceless exhibits made of gold.